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Rochester Life engages in spiritual growth regularly in the following ways:

Same Bible Passage for Everyone:  During the weekend gatherings, the whole church body is looking at the same passage of Scripture.  That means that the teachings in the nursery, elementary, teenagers and the message spoken in the adult gatherings are all built around the same Bible passage.  The goal of this strategy for teaching at Rochester Life is that authentic discussion as friends and/or family may take place later and everyone has recently been taught about the same thing on age-appropriate levels.

Authentic Discussion:  Every week, printed online and in the bulletin, you will find Authentic Discussion questions made available for everyone to use in order to go deeper with the weekend message.  As a couple on the way home, as a family, as a couple of friends or as a formalize A. D. group of the church, these thought provoking questions, tailored specifically to the message, will help allow the Bible to transform us deeper into the image of Christ.

Personal Growth Tools: In addition to the regular habit of coming together as a church on the weekends, it is so important to be spending daily time with Jesus.  Pastor Joe reads through the Bible every year and he makes available the plan he is following so that everyone in the church may be on the "Same Page."  The plan always includes daily readings from the Old and New Testaments so you may participate in any or all of the readings and have a solid personal Bible plan.

Prayer:  Rochester Life engage in corporate prayer gatherings.  Some happen weekly, while others on a monthly basis.  Ask a pastor or other leader in the church to find out what prayer gatherings are happening this week.  You may always come to Rochester Middle School Library at 9:30am and join Pastor Joe and prayer team for prayer just prior to the Sunday worship gathering.